Should a user not accept or understand the terms and conditions contained herein, ICSA should be notified thereof in writing by sending an email to the Administrator at admin@icsacademy.co.za


1.1. “BN 194” means FAIS Board Notice 194 of 2017;
1.2. “CPD activity” has the same meaning as defined in BN 194;
1.3. “CPD” means continuous professional development;
1.4. “EFT” means electronic funds transfer;
1.5. “FPI” means to the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa;
1.6. “ICSA” means ICS Academy (Pty) Ltd;
1.7. “LMS” means learner management system;
1.8. “POPIA” means the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013; and
1.9. “User” means a natural person who intends to register for training or that has successfully been enrolled for online training.


2.1. This document sets out the terms and conditions that govern the use of the ICSA online training platform.
2.2. ICSA is a private company registered in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa and operates from Office 9, First Floor, Heritage Square, Corner of Gladstone and Vrede Street, Durbanville, South Africa.
2.3. ICSA is recognised by the FPI as a CPD provider (with number 162353) and provides CPD approved training via an online platform to users who operate within the financial services sector in South Africa.
2.4. To provide users with online training, ICSA utilises the LMS platform powered by SAP Litmos and has in turn agreed to the terms and conditions of SAP Litmos. These terms and conditions can be found and read on the SAP Litmos website (www.litmos.com).
2.5. The laws of the Republic of South Africa shall apply to the terms and conditions contained herein, including the interpretation thereof and any subsequent dispute arising from these terms and conditions.


3.1. When a user instructs ICSA to be registered for training on the platform, the user confirms that they agree to these terms and conditions.
3.2. Should a person instruct ICSA to register a user, or multiple users, on behalf of a legal entity, this person warrants that they have duly been authorised to provide the instruction to ICSA on behalf of that particular entity.
3.3. If a person instructed ICSA to register a user, or multiple users, on behalf of a legal entity, those users in turn confirm that they agree to these terms and conditions.
3.4. ICSA may vary or amend these terms and conditions from time to time and will publish the amended terms and conditions on the ICSA website (www.icsacademy.co.za).


4.1. A user will need a reliable internet connection and have a recognised internet browser installed on their computer and/or mobile device to be able to use and complete the online courses on the platform.
4.2. The scope of ICSA’s services is limited to providing the user with access to the online platform on which a CPD activity may be attempted and after successful completion thereof, to provide the user with a downloadable certificate of completion.
4.3. The following information must be provided to ICSA, prior to registration on the platform and on a once off basis, to ensure successful registration on the platform:
4.2.1. Name(s) and surname(s) of the user;
4.2.2. valid email address of the user; and
4.2.3. a copy of the identity document and/or a copy of a valid passport of said user.
4.3. The available courses on the platform will consist of a number of modules which must be completed successfully before access to the assessment will be granted.
4.4. Assessments will consist of a pre-determined amount of multiple-choice questions and will test the users’ understanding of the modules being covered during the applicable course with the pass rate set at a pre-determined pass percentage of 75%.
4.5. Users are allowed 3 (three) attempts at obtaining the required pass rate for a particular assessment only , failing which, a certificate of completion will not be issued, and re-registration and payment of the applicable course fee(s) is required.
4.6. Users are afforded a 60 (sixty) calendar day period, commencing from midnight on the day of registration until midnight on the last day (subject to any system maintenance and/or downtime or a written request for an extension), in which to complete the relevant course(s) and pass the assessment(s).
4.7. Users will be allowed a once off extension pertaining to the initial 60 (sixty) calendar day activation period for a further 14 (fourteen) calendar days, upon ICSA receiving a written instruction detailing the course(s) and or user(s) to whom the extension request is to be applied.
4.8. All progress in respect of incomplete courses, modules and/or assessments will be forfeited should the 60 (sixty) calender day activation period expire without any prior written request to extend the applicable activation period as per 4.7 above.
4.9. No refund of the course fee(s) will be made, and the user would have to be registered on the platform again.
4.10. It is the responsibility of the user to download their certificate of completion, made available under the “achievements”-tab on their learner dashboard, upon passing the assessment and to store the certificate for their own record keeping purposes.
4.11. The user should inform their relevant professional body and or their employer of the completion status of their training on the platform, ICSA will not forward any user completion records to any professional bodies or to employers on behalf of said users.
4.12. Users who experience technical difficulties whilst registered on the platform, must inform ICSA as soon as possible thereof in writing, by sending an email to admin@icsacademy.co.za. ICSA will attempt to revert with a possible solution as soon as reasonably possible.
4.13. SAP Litmos will apply regular updates, bug fixes, upgrades and/or conduct maintenance on the Litmos LMS platform at intervals as and when required in terms of its own internal operational requirements, ICSA will inform users should any platform downtime be expected.
4.14. ICSA will keep exclusive ownership of any work product or other documentation, including but not limited to the presentations, assessments, reports and documentation made available on the platform and may not be reproduced in any manner or form by a user.


5.1. All personal information will be processed by ICSA in accordance with the provisions of POPIA.
5.2. When a user provides ICSA with the required information as per paragraph 4.3, this information may constitute personal information.
5.3. The user voluntarily, specifically and unconditionally consent to ICSA to:
5.3.1. Process this information before and throughout the duration of their registration on the platform and thereafter;
5.3.2. transmitting of such personal information; and
5.3.3. storing such personal information for a period of 5 (five) years.
5.4. ICSA will only use information for a specific, defined and lawful purpose, amongst other to verify the name, surname and identity number of each user, to create their learner profiles on the platform and to generate certificates of completion.
5.4. ICSA will take reasonable measures to identify, on a continuous basis, all reasonably foreseeable internal and external risks to the personal information of the user and establish and maintain appropriate security measures to guard against those risks so identified by ICSA.
5.5. Should ICSA receive knowledge or at any time have any suspicion of any unauthorised disclosure (being disclosure other than permitted in terms of these terms and conditions, misuse, misappropriation, loss, security infringement involving loss, breach or compromise or compromise in any way of a user’s personal information, ICSA shall inform the user in writing thereof.
5.6. ICSA will restrict access to the user’s personal information to ICSA directors and employees who require same in the course and scope of their employment and to subsequently perform their duties with regard to the provision of online training to the user.
5.7. ICSA shall, at any time during the processing of personal information, provide the user access to their personal information kept on record in accordance with applicable law.


6.1. Once a user has been registered for a course, the applicable course fee, including any other amounts that may be applicable, must be paid within 10 (ten) calendar days of presentation to the user of an invoice by ICSA.
6.2. Payments need to be made via EFT to the bank account of ICSA and the proof of payment must be sent to ICSA at admin@icsacademy.co.za.
6.3. All fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax.


7.1. ICSA makes no warranty or assurance, whatsoever, as to the accuracy or correctness of the course material after the date of publication of the particular course material on the ICSA platform.
7.2. ICSA will maintain its status as a recognised CPD provider and ensure that the applicable courses made available to users are CPD approved during each CPD cycle by a relevant professional body.